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Revolutionize Your Legal Discovery Process

 Legal1Up combines cutting-edge AI technology with expert managed services to streamline your discovery process. Unlock the power of AI and outsourcing to save time, reduce costs, and focus on winning your case.

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We Help You Focus on What Matters Most

Intelligent Document Analysis

AI-driven analysis for rapid, accurate insights

Automated Fact Extraction Tools

Quickly identify key facts and entities across your documents

Managed Document Review

Expert review teams for efficient discovery

Seamless Project Management

Dedicated liaisons for streamlined communication

Predictable Managed Services Pricing

Transparent, fixed-fee pricing for better budget planning

Optimize Your Resource Allocation

Focus your budget and personnel on higher-impact activities

What We Do

Dual-Powered Legal Discovery: AI & Expert Outsourcing

At Legal1Up, we combine the precision of artificial intelligence with the expertise of professional legal outsourcing to revolutionize legal discovery. This dual approach ensures cost-effectiveness and accuracy, addressing the full spectrum of legal discovery needs:

  • AI-Powered Document Analysis: Swift and precise analysis using AI for insightful decision-making.
  • Expert Managed Document Review: Our global network of legal professionals oversees and complements AI operations, ensuring comprehensive review and interpretation.
  • Automated Fact Extraction: AI tools quickly identify key facts, while legal experts verify and contextualize the information.
  • Transparent and Predictable Pricing: Combining technology with outsourcing allows us to offer competitive, clear pricing structures.

How We Do It

Integrating Technology with Human Expertise

Our innovative approach seamlessly blends advanced AI with skilled legal outsourcing. Here’s how we ensure superior service delivery:

  1. AI Customization: Implementing AI solutions that are specifically designed for the unique needs of your legal practice.
  2. Professional Oversight: Skilled legal professionals from around the world guide the AI, filling gaps and providing nuanced understanding where technology alone is insufficient.
  3. Continuous Training & Support: Both our AI systems and teams receive ongoing updates and training to stay at the forefront of legal tech advancements.
  4. Secure and Compliant: We adhere to the highest standards of data security and compliance, ensuring your information is protected throughout the discovery process.

What we cover

Navigating Federal Discovery Rules with Precision and Expertise

In the complex realm of legal discovery, the proficiency with which one navigates federal rules can make a defining difference. Legal1Up equips attorneys with AI-augmented tools and expert outsourcing to master the legal process through a detailed understanding of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, particularly Rules 26, 30, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, and 45.

Rule 26: Initial Disclosures
AI Contribution: Automatically organizes and tags disclosures for easy access and review.
Legal Team Role: Conducts a meticulous review to verify completeness and relevance to the case.

Rule 30 & 30(b)(6): Depositions
AI Contribution: Assists in deposition preparation by providing data-driven insights and identifying key themes.
Legal Team Role: Crafts detailed lines of questioning and ensures all angles are expertly explored.

Rule 33: Interrogatories
AI Contribution: Generates draft interrogatories based on the case’s indexed knowledge base.
Legal Team Role: Refines interrogatories to ensure strategic probing and legal precision.

Rule 34: Document Production
AI Contribution: Prioritizes documents and highlights potential evidentiary materials.
Legal Team Role: Reviews and confirms the pertinence of documents to support case strategies.

Rule 35: Physical and Mental Examinations
AI Contribution: Suggests potential value and timing for examinations based on case context.
Legal Team Role: Decides on pursuing or countering examination requests with a strategic legal perspective.

Rule 36: Requests for Admission
AI Contribution: Identifies statements that can be framed for admission requests.
Legal Team Role: Customizes these to the specifics of the case, ensuring they are compelling and clear.

Rule 37: Motion to Compel
AI Contribution: Detects patterns of non-compliance and suggests potential motions.
Legal Team Role: Executes motions to compel, backed by a robust legal argumentation.

Rule 45: Subpoenas
AI Contribution: Streamlines subpoena creation with automated drafting based on case needs.
Legal Team Role: Ensures legal compliance and manages the process of obtaining evidence.

Our Philosophy

Innovation through Diversity and Technology

Our philosophy at Legal1Up centers on the synergy between diverse global expertise and cutting-edge technology. We believe that integrating varied cultural insights with technological advancements leads to more innovative, effective solutions:

  • Cultivating Diversity: We harness the diverse backgrounds of our team to broaden our perspectives and enhance our services.
  • Technology as a Tool, Not a Replacement: AI aids our experts but doesn’t replace them, ensuring that every solution is grounded in professional legal judgment.

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